Our People

Michael Trunkhill

Michael Trunkhill

Cohort I, Masters

MS Candidate, SDSU
Ph: (509) 947-5570


San Diego State University
Department of Biology
Physical Sciences, Rm. 240
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-4614

Cohort 1
Theme 3: Water Prediction & Ecosystem Services
Project 2: Synoptic and seasonal monitoring of the Earth System
Task: CREST Ocean Observations in Critical Regions/Environmental data for assessing resilience to disturbance in tropical coral reefs.  Ocean-atmospheric fluxes using boat-based flux measurements

Advisor: Donatella Zona
NOAA Mentor: TBD
Expected Graduation: June 2019
Degree: Biology / Ecology

Our Facilities

NOAA-CREST spans to different facilities, laboratories, weather stations and academia performing scientific research and development.

CREST Consortium

CREST is led by The City University of New York and brings together Hampton University, VA; University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, PR; San Diego State University, CA; University of Maryland Baltimore County, MD; University of Texas at El Paso, TX.